OASIS Tip for October 2014: Conquering Cognitive, Behavioral, and Psychiatric symptoms in M1740

Determining whether to make a change to M1740: cognitive, behavioral, and psychiatric symptoms that are demonstrated at least once a week, can be a challenge to any OASIS user, but knowing item intent and response specific instructions can help you conquer making unnecessary mistakes. M1740 identifies specific behaviors associated with significant neurological, developmental, behavioral or psychiatric... Continue Reading →

ICD-10 is delayed! What about OASIS-C1?

I have spent much of few weeks thinking about the ICD-10-CM delay and the impact it will have on the industry. There are still so many unanswered questions. The wording in the delay legislation state that ICD-10-CM may not be implemented “prior to October 1, 2015”. This does not mean that the implementation will definitely... Continue Reading →

The New CMS OASIS-C Questions and Answers have been published!

The new CMS OASIS-C Questions and Answers for the second quarter 2013 have been published on the OASIS Answers website. Once again, there is great information and clarifications. Some of the topics include:         Late ROCs and responses to certain process measure items         Patients with extended hospital holds         Timeframes for certain items        ... Continue Reading →

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