Responses for 11/17; New scenarios for 12/1

Good Monday morning, I hope everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving holidays last week!  Here are the responses from 11/17 questions and scenarios. OASIS C1/ICD9: What does the home health resource group, or HHRG, measure? The Medicare Home Health PPS recognizes that different patients use different amounts of resources. The system attempts to predict patient resource use... Continue Reading →

Proposed Conditions of Participation UPDATE!!!

CMS released the proposed rule on October 6, 2014 that would update the home health Conditions of Participation.  The Conditions of Participation have needed a major update since 1989 to help agencies focus on patient care and patient outcomes.  CMS states, "This proposed regulation focuses on assuring the protection and promotion of patient rights; enhances... Continue Reading →

CMS Benefits Manual: Recertification Episodes

10.3 - Continuous 60-Day Episode Recertification (Rev. 1, 10-01-03) HH-201.3 Home health PPS permits continuous episode recertifications for patients who continue to be eligible for the home health benefit. Medicare does not limit the number of continuous episode recertifications for beneficiaries who continue to be eligible for the home health benefit. 10.4 - Counting 60-Day Episodes (Rev. 1,... Continue Reading →

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