Effective QAPI – 3 Important Concepts to Keep in Mind

Implemented correctly, effective QAPI can be useful to improve your agency outcomes and finances. QIRT experts have outlined three major effective QAPI concepts that we recommend you remember above all.

Why Your P&P Manual Must be as Unique as Your Agency

With the new Conditions of Participation (CoPs) going into effect January 13th, QIRT consultants have been receiving multiple calls from current and potential clients requesting that we provide them with a new policy and procedure manual that covers the new COPs. On the surface, this seems like an easy enough request - for a fee, QIRT... Continue Reading →

Emergency Preparedness Reqs Begin November 15

A number of months ago, CMS released the Interpretive Guidelines on Emergency Preparedness for all providers.  Many have not heeded the warning and we are now at the 11th hour. Your agency must have all plans in place and all drills completed by November 15, 2017. If you have not begun the process, you are not... Continue Reading →

Proposed Conditions of Participation UPDATE!!!

CMS released the proposed rule on October 6, 2014 that would update the home health Conditions of Participation.  The Conditions of Participation have needed a major update since 1989 to help agencies focus on patient care and patient outcomes.  CMS states, "This proposed regulation focuses on assuring the protection and promotion of patient rights; enhances... Continue Reading →

What is Considered a Patient’s Place of Residence?

A patient's residence is wherever he or she makes his or her home.  This may be their own home, an apartment, a relative's home, a facility for the aging, or some other type of institution.  An institution can't be considered a patient's residence if the institution meets the requirements of §§1861(e)(1) or 1819(a)(1) of the Act.  This... Continue Reading →


The following is from the NAHC website: CMS Announces a Special Open Door Forum: Suggested Electronic Clinical Template for Home Health Tuesday, April 22; 3-4pm ET Conference Call Only CMS will host a series of Special Open Door Forum (ODF) calls to allow physicians and other interested parties to give feedback on data elements for the... Continue Reading →

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