Another Home Health “Compare” to Make

In reviewing many home health denials, medical reviewers often identify patterns that highlight areas of focus. One of these patterns relates to therapy requirements. Agencies must have orders for therapy and show therapy service is skilled, reasonable, and necessary. In addition, the requirement for a 30-day therapy reassessment must occur. And it is this requirement... Continue Reading →

Backlog to the Future? Part One: The State of ALJs

Home care agencies who have received additional development requests are experiencing an ever-increasing ALJ backlog. An additional development request (ADR) is generated to request documentation from a provider to assist with adjudicating a Medicare claim. Since 2010, the number of claims awaiting an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearing has steadily climbed, along with the wait time for... Continue Reading →

What’s New with the Low Volume Appeals Initiative

Important reminder that Thursday, March 9, 2018, is the final day for appellants with National Provider Identifiers (NPIs) ending in an even number (0, 2, 4, 6, 8) to submit an expression of interest (EOI) for the Low Volume Appeals (LVA) Initiative.

Low Volume Appeals (LVA) Initiative Settlement Option – Part 2

The Low Volume Appeals Settlement Process, also known as LVA, is a new option for agencies who are waiting for ALJ hearings or MAC/DAB reviews. Take advantage of this opportunity to settle fully-denied claims.  

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