Responses for 11/17; New scenarios for 12/1

Good Monday morning, I hope everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving holidays last week!  Here are the responses from 11/17 questions and scenarios. OASIS C1/ICD9: What does the home health resource group, or HHRG, measure? The Medicare Home Health PPS recognizes that different patients use different amounts of resources. The system attempts to predict patient resource use... Continue Reading →

Coding Answers for 10/13 and New Scenarios for 10/20/14

Correct scenario responses for 10/13/14 ICD-9: Patient referred to home health nursing for daily insulin injections due to patient’s low vision in both eyes. Home care also to do wound care 3 days a week for two small wounds of the abdomen that have recently cultured positive for staph and been derided.  The physician will... Continue Reading →

Coding Answers and New Scenarios for 9/22/2014

SCENARIO ANSWERS for 9/10/2014 ICD-9 Patient requires home care for PT due to chronic pain due to gouty arthritis and RA. Gait training, endurance, pain management and safety evaluation are ordered. Patient also has DM and history of breast Cancer. M1020a: V57.1 Encounter for other PT M1022b: 274.00 Gouty Arthritis M1022c: 714.0 RA M1022d: 338.29:... Continue Reading →

CMS Proposed Home Health Payment Rates for 2014

Late last week the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released the proposed payment rates for FY2014. The proposal includes rebasing as well as significant changes in case mix weights. According to CMS, the changes will result in an overall payment reduction of 1.4% in 2012. William A. Dombi, the Vice President for Law... Continue Reading →

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