The RAC is Back.

We can now confirm to home health agencies: the RAC is back. More than a year after being given the okay to restart medical review activities, the Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) for home health has posted the first Work Issue. During the hiatus of reviews, CMS updated and “improved” the RAC’s process for reviews and follow-up. Home health agencies are now going to be in line for post-pay audits by Performant Recovery. Information on the Work Issue can be found on their website.

CMS has also made information available about the background on the “improved” RAC process changes.

Preparing for the RAC

As with most review processes, the RAC can be confusing and time-consuming. Next month, QIRT’s compliance expert Joe Osentoski, BAC, RN-BC, will be sharing his knowledge of the RAC process. He will talk attendees through the RAC review as part of QIRT’s free monthly webinar series. The RAC Is Back webinar will review the entire process, work issue, and what to expect from the RAC review experience. You can register here for the April 19th webinar, The RAC is Back.

Joe has recently shared his expertise on the Targeted Probe and Educate process. Read more here.


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