QIRT (Quality In Real Time) Receives Post-Acute LINK Elite Supplier Award

<<Floral Park, NY, October, 2015>>QIRT (Quality in Real Time) is proud to announce that it has earned an ‘Elite Supplier’ distinction for 2016 Post-Acute LINK Conference. This award is given to the companies that ranked in the top 10% of suppliers based on provider scores for their ability to be consultative, innovative, and the overall value of each supplier meeting.
“This seal identifies Quality in Real Time as a progressive thought leader in post-acute arena, and as an organization that understands how to build partnerships with clients,” said Meredith Anastasio, Post-Acute LINK Managing Director.
QIRT’s President and CEO, Laura Page-Greifinger, explained more about her company’s relationship with LINK: “QIRT is proud to be named as an ELITE supplier with LINK and ranked in the top 10% of suppliers based on scoring from our colleagues in post-acute health care. LINK is widely acknowledged in the industry as a valuable, innovative conference. The streamlined procedure of time-controlled, uninterrupted individual meetings between prior matched providers and suppliers results in the best use of both parties’ time. QIRT has repeatedly found value in this format and gains new clients and contacts each year, and thus we are able to provide our full range of services to more agencies and enhance their provision of care.”
Post-Acute LINK brings together providers and vendors from across the continuum to conduct meetings, share industry knowledge and experiences and fulfill sourcing needs. LINK suppliers represent more than 40 product/service categories, with participation from innovative industry leaders and emerging companies. QIRT’s Executive Team will be representing QIRT as an Elite Supplier at the June 2016 conference and individual provider meetings will be scheduled prior to the event.
You can find this press release and other news on our website: https://www.qirt.com/News-Events/News.

About QIRT
Quality in Real Time is an industry-leading provider of home health and hospice quality, coding, consulting and compliance services. Serving over 150 agencies with employees in 44 states, QIRT is dedicated to enhancing the provision of care through four distinct, complimentary divisions: Quality, Clinical, Financial, and Education.
For more information on QIRT’s services and how we can manage end-to-end solutions for your agency, call 855.485.QIRT or visit QIRT.com.

About Lincoln Healthcare Group
Lincoln Healthcare Leadership is an education and relationship networking company serving top-tier executives in four healthcare provider sectors. Our mission is to advance and inspire excellence in leadership, strategy, innovation and best practices across leading healthcare providers, and to be a catalyst for change as providers move from a fee for service reimbursement system to a value-based system. Our core product is conferences. Lincoln conferences are known for their outstanding quality: visionary educational programs, exceptional peer networking, authentic customer service and memorable experiences.

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