Non-Valid Diagnoses

Need a Little PDGM Clarity?

Our QIRT team has worked with experts in the industry to identify the top 75 non-valid diagnoses in the new payment model. These diagnoses with be returned to providers (RTP) unpaid if submitted as primary. Luckily, the is chart will help your agency identify and code the correct diagnoses in PDGM.

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Post-acute regulations can be challenging.

Others have found that QIRT tools like these, plus the QIRT Advantage Platform and real-time dashboards, made a real difference for them.

Here's what some of our clients say about how our quality tools and standards have helped them:

"Our team leader walked me through how to run each report in Advantage and I absolutely loved it! These reports are amazing! They'll really help me focus on training. I am looking forward to exporting the data to manipulate it further and make it work best for my agency."

Tammy M. - Home Health Manager

"The transparency you've provided through the billing set-up and overall billing operation has given my team a much better idea of what needs to be done to be a successful agency, so thank you." 

Kal - Medical Coding & Billing Specialist 

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