PCR Update: Palmetto Moving Forward Texas and Florida to Begin Testing eService Portal Now

Last week, Palmetto announced that Texas and Florida providers could begin testing the Pre-Claim Review (PCR) eService Portal for submissions of PCR claims. This is the first indication that CMS intends to move forward with pre-claim review in the remainder of the five states previously identified. As of November 28, 2016, National Government Services (NGS) has nothing on their website to indicate how and when they plan to move forward with a plan for PCR.

Conventional thinking may lead agencies to believe that the lack of any information by NGS means there is nothing planned for Michigan and Massachusetts. QIRT experts would disagree. We believe NGS does not have the experience of the ramifications resulting from the rollout of the PCR process in Michigan and will not be prepared when CMS requires the process to begin.

On the other hand, we believe Palmetto has learned its lesson. It is more likely Palmetto is preparing agencies in Texas and Florida for entry into the PCR world in a more orderly fashion by allowing them to test the electronic system before another ‘mess’ occurs.

QIRT experts guess the remaining two Palmetto states (Florida and Texas) will soon receive the 30-day notice and will begin on January 1, 2017. The next following expectation is that NGS will come on board and begin the reviews soon after that date, perhaps in February or March.

As you have probably heard, the PCR process is reported to be improving. Affirmations have increased into the 80% range now. However, the number of provisional affirmations has still not caught up with the RAPs that have been submitted in Illinois. That bulk of RAP recoveries will take place on non-affirmed claims during the first week of December. Many agencies have yet to submit final claims. We will need to wait to experience the results of that fall-out.

The Michigan Association is working hard to keep agencies updated on the latest with PCR. We will notify you of any updates we receive on NGS’s plans to move PCR forward in Michigan.

Arlene Maxim


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