PDGM Workgroup, Including QIRT Executives, Submit an Advisory Letter to CMS

PDGM Workgroup, including QIRT executives, submitted an Advisory Letter to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). In a reply email on June 14, CMS expressed gratitude to the Workgroup for bringing their concerns to CMS' attention.

The Consistency of TPE Failure Rates

Home health agencies undergoing TPE reviews continue to fail at impressive rates for the same reasons as previous reviews. Let's talk about the consistency of TPE failure rates and how they link to RCD, PDGM, and more.

RCD: The Choices Made

The CMS Review Choice Demonstration (RCD) begins June 1st, and our experts dive into RCD: the choices made during the selection period. Now that the CMS Review Choice Demonstration (RCD) project has arrived in Illinois, Palmetto GBA posted an item of interest that shows the breakdown of home health agency selections. Here are the posted... Continue Reading →

RCD and UPICs – Part 2

QIRT Alerts' April 9th blog posed questions about the relationship between RCD and UPICs. QIRT experts asked: what happens when you have a Review Choice Demonstration (RCD) project and are under the Unified Program Integrity Contractor (UPIC) reviews? And we followed that with many more questions. Since then, "The Review Choice Demonstration HH Team" provided... Continue Reading →

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