Let’s Practice Coding…

Good evening, everyone.

Here is the next scenario for you — for this one I’d like you to submit your responses in ICD-9 and ICD-10.  With ICD-10 being postponed another year, you have more time to practice.  Don’t let all the hard work from this past year go to waste, keep up your ICD-10 skills by coding at least one case per week using both ICD-9 and ICD-10, even if it’s from the blog.  It may seem tedious now, but once the new coding set does take affect, you will be so happy you practiced.

Here is your scenario:

Your patient was out trimming the hedges and dropped his electric trimmer on his right foot, almost severing his foot at the ankle.  The surgeon completed the amputation as a mid-calf amputation and home health was ordered for amputation aftercare.  The patient has a long history of diabetic PVD.  Home care was ordered for amputation aftercare.

With the previous coding practice, the responses were sent in to my email.  If you’d like to do that again this week, please send your codes to ksearcy@qualityinrealtime.com.  I look forward to your responses and discussion.



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