Great news for home health agencies struggling with fall risk assessments!

Since the initiation of the OASIS-C assessment, home health agencies have struggled to meet the requirements of fall risk assessment and selection of the appropriate answer to M1910. The problem stemmed from the mandate that the assessment tool must be a “multi-factor tool that has been validated in the community”. Since no such tool was available, agencies struggled with poor process measures scores.
The Missouri Alliance for Home Care (MAHC) set out to validate their fall risk assessment tool (MAHC-10). After publishing the results of the validation, MAHC announced that agencies may use the MAHC-10, including incorporating it into internal documents and computer systems, at no cost. However, MAHC does require that proper credit be given to MAHC and that the content not be modified in any way.

For further information go to the Missouri Alliance for Home Care website.

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