Free Webinar Series: HHGM – Paradigm Shift In Interpretation of Patient Care

QIRT is sponsoring a webinar series on The Home Health Groupings Model (HHGM) with Elevating HOME. Join us!

November 2, 1 pm EST

Coding in HHGM – PART I

Playing a New Game by Getting Back to Basics 

The Home Health Groupings Model (HHGM) will go into effect January 2019, bringing with it some of the most significant changes to the home health industry in years. HHGM forces agencies back to the basics with code assignment. Learn what constitutes valid primary diagnoses in HHGM and what happens when primary diagnoses are “Questionable”.  


November 16, 1 pm EST

Coding in HHGM – PART II

Game Strategies to Avoid the “Questionable” 

The ramifications of Questionable Encounters will be significant to revenue and processing of claims. Learn what you can do to prepare for this new model to minimize the financial impact of “Questionable Encounters” when assigning codes to your episodes.


QIRT Presenters:

Laura Page-Greifinger-QIRT-CEO-President
President/CEO Laura Page-Greifinger, BN, MPA
Sherri Parson
Director of Staff Development Sherri Parson, RN HCS-D HCS-O HCS-H COS-C BCHH-C

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