Coding Scenarios: 8/28/14

Today you will have two separate scenarios to practice coding; one for ICD-9 and another for ICD-10. Please submit your responses to the scenarios to  When you submit these responses, let me know if you would like me to provide you with the correct codes or if you would rather be pointed in the right direction and try again.  I’ve really enjoyed receiving the feedback from so many of you on the scenarios, thank you for participating!

ICD-9 Scenario:

An 86-year-old male is admitted to home health after being treated in the hospital for pneumonia caused by homophiles influenza that resulted in sepsis.  He is still receiving IV antibiotics for the still-resolving infection. He also has diabetes with PVD.  The focus of care will be the continued treatment and monitoring of infection and sepsis.

ICD-10 Scenario

Patient is admitted to home health care following hospitalization for UTI with E coli.  He returns home on oral antibiotics and skilled nursing will obtain U/A upon completion of the antibiotics.  He also has a HTN and chronic kidney disease stage 3.

Happy coding!

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