CMS has Posted the FINAL Version of OASIS C1/ICD9 Guidance Manual

CMS has released the OFFICIAL final version of the guidance manual, effective January 2015 for OASIS C1/ICD9.  Changes in the version include a new Chapter 2, with the word “draft” removed from OASIS forms and the OMB number has been added to each time point version.  The footer throughout the entire manual has been changed to January 2015.  The revision contained within the manual are substantially more extensive than previous updates and this manual is intended to replace in its entirety the OASIS-C Guidance Manual, and changes to specific sections or pages are not tracked.  There is a table at the beginning of Chapter 3 that indicates which OASIS items and which item-by-item guidance sections have been revised.  Please download the new Guidance Manual from OASIS-C1/ICD-9 Guidance Manual [ZIP, 16MB].

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