OASIS Tip and Coding Scenarios; January 12, 2015

Good morning, from Quality in Real Time. Are you ready to start your New Year off with coding and OASIS practice? Each week I’ll be sending out an OASIS C1/ICD-9 question and an ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding scenario. Take the time to work through each of these scenarios and check your answers with next week’s... Continue Reading →

Responses to 11/10; New Scenario for 11/17/14

Responses to Scenario for 11/10/14 Question:  How do I code a patient who had a failed skin graft? Answer: There are two codes for rejection of a failure of a skin graft. Code 996.52 is used for the rejection of a natural skin graft and 996.55 is used for a dislodgment, displacement, failure, non-adherence, poor incorporation... Continue Reading →

OASIS Tip for October 2014: Conquering Cognitive, Behavioral, and Psychiatric symptoms in M1740

Determining whether to make a change to M1740: cognitive, behavioral, and psychiatric symptoms that are demonstrated at least once a week, can be a challenge to any OASIS user, but knowing item intent and response specific instructions can help you conquer making unnecessary mistakes. M1740 identifies specific behaviors associated with significant neurological, developmental, behavioral or psychiatric... Continue Reading →

CY 2015 Proposed Rule, how it could affect your agency, and why you NEED to make a comment to CMS…

Point changes, case-mix weight (CMW) changes, and OASIS submission implementation requirements could have a huge monetary impact on your agency.   There is potential to lose millions of dollars in revenue if the proposed rule is implemented as it has been issued. Case-mix weights are continuing on the rebasing train. CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid... Continue Reading →

Is it a Pressure Ulcer or a Surgical Wound?

During a recent OASIS training class, I was asked “If a pressure ulcer is treated with a skin graft does the wound become a surgical wound?” The answer is “NO.” According to guidance, “Applying a skin graft to a pressure ulcer or burn does not change the wound to a surgical wound. The pressure ulcer... Continue Reading →

The New CMS OASIS-C Questions and Answers have been published!

The new CMS OASIS-C Questions and Answers for the fourth quarter 2012 have been released and published on the OASIS Answers website. Once again, there is great information and clarifications. These Q&As can be accessed under the OASIS links and resource section of the OASIS Answers website. Until next time,M

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