Is it a Pressure Ulcer or a Surgical Wound?

During a recent OASIS training class, I was asked “If a pressure ulcer is treated with a skin graft does the wound become a surgical wound?” The answer is “NO.” According to guidance, “Applying a skin graft to a pressure ulcer or burn does not change the wound to a surgical wound. The pressure ulcer... Continue Reading →

The New CMS OASIS-C Questions and Answers have been published!

The new CMS OASIS-C Questions and Answers for the fourth quarter 2012 have been released and published on the OASIS Answers website. Once again, there is great information and clarifications. These Q&As can be accessed under the OASIS links and resource section of the OASIS Answers website. Until next time,M

Are you ready for Home Care in 2013?

Now that we have finished celebrating the New Year, it is crucial that home health agencies are prepared for all the changes that have come with 2013. 1. The OASIS-C guidance manual was updated in December to include changes and clarifications.  The manual can be accessed at OASIS-C guidance manual. 2. The Home Health PPS... Continue Reading →

OASIS mistakes that sink claims

This past September, I had the opportunity to attend the National Quality Outcomes and OASIS-C conference presented by Decision Health. It was my first time attending this conference and I was very impressed with the speakers and the presentations. The presenters were from various home health agencies and consulting groups throughout the country. The topics... Continue Reading →

What would you do in this situation?

Question: The patient was admitted to the hospital for diagnostic testing on November 2 and is released from the hospital on November 5th, which happens to be day 61 of the episode.  There was no recertification completed prior to the hospitalization.  Which OASIS assessment should be completed and when? Answer: Since the patient was admitted... Continue Reading →

Can an OASIS assessment be completed without a visit?

Someone recently asked this question regarding a recertification. For this type of assessment, the answer is "NO" but there are some OASIS assessments which do not require a visit. OASIS-C data are collected at Start of Care, Resumption of Care following inpatient facility stay, Recertification with the last five days of each 60 day recertification... Continue Reading →

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