Responses to 11/3; New Scenario for 11/10/14

Correct responses from 11/3/14 ICD 9: Is it true that I should always code a wound with a wound vac as complicated? What would you do? Answer:  While initial use and majority of current wound vac use is related to complicated wounds, that is not an absolute. A wound vac is a treatment approach used... Continue Reading →

Responses to 10/27 and New Scenario for 11/3/14

Correct responses from 10/27/14 ICD 9: Question: How do we know what integral symptoms are to a disease? We aren't supposed to code them with diseases like heart failure, but is there a list of them somewhere? Do you know the answer?? I'll post the official answer next week! Answer:  There is no master list... Continue Reading →

Responses to 10/20 Scenarios and New Scenarios for 10/27/14

Correct Responses to 10/20/14: Instead of a scenario, this week I'll ask you a question and give the official response next week! How do we know if osteoarthritis is localized or generalized if the documentation doesn't say? This can affect coding, especially after joint replacement surgery. ANSWER:  If documentation doesn't indicate this, you will to... Continue Reading →

Coding Answers for 10/13 and New Scenarios for 10/20/14

Correct scenario responses for 10/13/14 ICD-9: Patient referred to home health nursing for daily insulin injections due to patient’s low vision in both eyes. Home care also to do wound care 3 days a week for two small wounds of the abdomen that have recently cultured positive for staph and been derided.  The physician will... Continue Reading →

Answers to 10/6 and New Scenarios for 10/13/14

Answers to Coding Scenario 10/6/14 ICD-9 Patient with new diagnosis of atrial fibrillation, cystostomy infected with gram negative bacteria, cellulitis, uncontrolled Type II diabetes and diabetic polyneuropathy is referred to home health for observation and assessment, teaching related to new order to start Coumadin, wound care and monitoring Pro-times in addition to evaluating the status... Continue Reading →

Coding Answers from 9/22; New Scenarios for 9/29

ICD-9: An 86-year-old patient is admitted for monitoring and observation related to an episode of secondary thrombocytopenia (still resolving), which was due to an adverse reaction to ciprofloxacin used to treat a UTI. The UTI has been resolved. The patient is confined to a wheelchair due to hemiplegia on his dominant side as a late... Continue Reading →

Coding Answers and New Scenarios for 9/22/2014

SCENARIO ANSWERS for 9/10/2014 ICD-9 Patient requires home care for PT due to chronic pain due to gouty arthritis and RA. Gait training, endurance, pain management and safety evaluation are ordered. Patient also has DM and history of breast Cancer. M1020a: V57.1 Encounter for other PT M1022b: 274.00 Gouty Arthritis M1022c: 714.0 RA M1022d: 338.29:... Continue Reading →

Coding Answers to 8/28/14 scenarios and NEW Coding scenarios for 9/3/2014

ICD-9 Scenario: An 86-year-old male is admitted to home health after being treated in the hospital for pneumonia caused by homophiles influenza that resulted in sepsis. He is still receiving IV antibiotics for the still-resolving infection. He also has diabetes with PVD. The focus of care will be the continued treatment and monitoring of infection... Continue Reading →

Let’s Practice Coding: 8/19 Answers

Good day everyone, Let's go over the correct answers for the ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes for the following scenario: Your patient was trimming his hedges and dropped the electric trimmer on his foot, almost severing his foot at the ankle.  The surgeon completed the amputation as a mid-calf amputation and home health was ordered for... Continue Reading →

CY 2015 Proposed Rule, how it could affect your agency, and why you NEED to make a comment to CMS…

Point changes, case-mix weight (CMW) changes, and OASIS submission implementation requirements could have a huge monetary impact on your agency.   There is potential to lose millions of dollars in revenue if the proposed rule is implemented as it has been issued. Case-mix weights are continuing on the rebasing train. CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid... Continue Reading →

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