Can an OASIS assessment be completed without a visit?

Someone recently asked this question regarding a recertification. For this type of assessment, the answer is “NO” but there are some OASIS assessments which do not require a visit.

OASIS-C data are collected at Start of Care, Resumption of Care following inpatient facility stay, Recertification with the last five days of each 60 day recertification period, other follow-up, Transfer to inpatient facility, Discharge from home care, and Death at home.  All of these assessments, with the exception of Transfer to inpatient facility and death at home, must be conducted during a home visit because all require the clinician to have an in-person encounter with the patient.  The information required for Transfer to inpatient facility and Death at home assessments, is limited and can be obtained through a telephone call.

For more information regarding the visit requirements for OASIS, go to the OASIS user manual  (Chapter 1 page 8) or the OASIS Q&As.

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