QIRT is dedicated to helping you achieve all of your Quality Assurance goals as outlined in your Strategic Plan. We do this by auditing your electronic medical records or by providing services related to documentation on the medical record. These services are performed as the clinician documents the visit making these audits “real time” as opposed to data that may be months old. QIRT can assist you and your agency to solve problems or trends and even eliminate them before they become compliance issues or deficiencies in a state or federal audit.

We use specialized tools internally developed by QIRT to achieve your goals. These tools can be used to see progress or track specific persons or programs over time. QIRT can access your medical records through the internet provided your organization allows us electronic access. Our staff is technologically proficient and receives ongoing education on specific computer programs from experts trained in multiple computer applications.

Audits are charged by the chart for the type of audit performed and not by the hour. This allows you to know upfront what your agency cost will be for the audits you choose prior to starting the process.

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