A Focus on PIPs (Performance Improvement Projects)

Effective QAPI can be useful to improve your agency outcomes and finances, but essential to QAPI is a focus on PIPs (Performance Improvement Projects). It is the PIPs that make the effective QAPI. QAPI is not intended to be a one-and-done concept, but rather it is aimed at continual improvement. PIPs, when envisioned and implemented properly, can be manageable projects that help make QAPI less overwhelming. PIPs make your agency compliant… but they also serve to truly improve your agency. It’s a win-win.

Focus on PIPs:

  1. DATA

    • Use data to pick a Performance Improvement Project (PIP) for your agency: select data from many sources.
      • Use PEPPER reports
      • CAHPS report
      • Home Health Compare – Star Ratings
      • Internal reporting such as falls, incidents, adverse events, and reporting from your EMR
  2. GOALS

    • Determine which PIP or PIPs to focus on, based upon the strongest need or effect on patient care.
      • What PIPs will help improve overall agency QAPI goals?
      • Goal setting is important for any measurement related to performance improvement
        • Be specific. What do you want to accomplish? Who will be involved?

    • When completing a PIP Charter, it is important to:
      • Plan out the PIP step-by-step
      • Plan resources, etc.,
      • Once it is complete (and we mean perfect) – get approval from the governing body. (Download this PIP Charter Worksheet)
  4. Analyzing your PIP

    • There are different ways to analyze: root cause analysis, PDSA, 5 whys, sustainability guide.
    • You must analyze to determine if you are meeting goals.
    • If you are not meeting your goals, edit your PIP implementation plan and start over.

QIRT’s use of Quality Cycle Management (QCM) has made us uniquely suited to advise on and assist agencies with QAPI and aid with a focus on PIPs. We have created a QAPI package that includes a downloadable template and consultation. The template acts as a customizable framework for each agency to build upon in a way that suits the agency’s needs. In addition to this framework, we offer consulting hours with QIRT experts in the department that aligns with your agency goals.

QIRT provides the tools and expertise agencies need for success with QAPI and continued success overall.

Join us for a free webinar on August 16. 1pm EST: QAPI How-To: 10 Steps to QAPI with QIRT experts: Sarah Green RN, BSN, MBA, HCS-D, COS-C and Shelley Eggleton MBA, BS,  RN.

Contact QIRT today for your customized QAPI package.

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