100 Days until ICD-10!

ICD-10 practice:  Work these scenarios throughout this week and I’ll post the correct responses soon.

Scenario 1: Your patient has been admitted with right-sided hemiparesis after a CVA, which is the main focus of care.  PT/INRs have been ordered. The patient also has diagnoses of hypertension and rheumatoid arthritis.  Both nursing and PT will be seeing this patient.

Scenario 2:  Your patient has been admitted for memory care related to a diagnosis of late onset Alzheimer’s disease with behavioral disturbances.  The patient has wandering episodes and lives with his elderly wife, who has limited mobility due to rheumatoid arthritis.

Scenario 3: Patient is referred to home health following removal of right knee prosthesis due to MRSA infection, an antibiotic spacer was inserted during surgery.  Orders are for skilled nursing to administer IV antibiotics and physical therapy to see patient for teaching about limited range of motion, gait abnormality and muscle weakness of both lower extremities and home safety.  The patient is expected to return to surgery for a new prosthesis once the infection is resolved.  The patient is a type II diabetic who requires daily insulin.  The patient also has primary OA in the left knee and is awaiting surgery to replace that knee as well.

Scenario 4: Patient admitted to home care with pancreatic cancer and malignant ascites.  Patient is having left lower quadrant rigidity with palpitations.  Nurse notified physician, but no diagnosis explains the rigidity at this time.  Patient to see physician tomorrow.

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